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Visual identity for a collaborative partner

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Nr.17 logo

Nr. 17 is a strategic communication agency that focuses on sustainability goals number 17, collaboration.

The agency wanted a profile that would show their most important values; collaboration, creativity and sustainability. When we designed the logo, the idea was to create something that was reliable, playful and long lasting. We wanted to make a contrast of a soft and bold statement.

Nr.17 design color combination. Two women hugging.

The symbol in the logo stands for the three areas within sustainability; People, planet and profit. The three rings also symbolise cooperation between several companies.

Nr.17 logo 4 different colors

Nr.17 design posters. Plant and a woman holding her child.

We chose a wide range of colors to make the profile playful and flexible. The colors symbolize power, energy, growth, harmony, stability and reliability.

Read more about Nr. 17 here:


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