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Inner Development Goals

Back in 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals provided a comprehensive roadmap toward achieving a sustainable world by 2030. Despite the clear vision set by these goals, progress has been underwhelming. Confronted with this reality, some pioneers realized that the root of the problem probably lies in our lack of inner capacity. 


29th of April 2022 the global Inner Development Goals was launched. Initiated by 3 Swedish companies; 29k, The New Division and Ekskäret in a collaboration with a number of academic, institutional and commercial partners. 


They asked themselves one big question: 
"What capabilities, qualities or skills do you believe are essential to develop, individually and collectively, in order to get us significantly closer to fulfilling the SDGs?" 

After 3 years of research with over 4000+ scientists, experts and inner work practitioners they launched the framework. The global inner goals consist of 5 dimensions; Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaborating and Acting. And 23 skills needed to develop for people to feel good inside and have the capacity to drive positive change. 

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IDG is a nonprofit initiative with an open-source policy. On their site, you can find more information about the framework, a toolkit and all the people catalyzing this massive global movement. 

Awaken Your Business
Inner program to integrate the IDGs in organizations. 

A 9-month program in 3 levels, designed to 1. learn about the IDG framework, 2. integrate a practice, and 3. connect inner development to sustainable development in your organization. We will guide you through a transformative journey and help you bridge the gap between inner and outer sustainability, combining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the Inner Development Goals (IDGs).

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Our method

We use our own method called The Awake Way, which utilizes storytelling, design, creativity, and play to communicate and teach complex themes. We aim to inspire, engage, and touch people's hearts by making abstract and unknown information accessible and understandable to everyone. The Awake Way encompasses a wide range of tools designed to raise awareness and practice the skills of the Inner Development Goals, driving positive change and transformation. Additionally, we utilize the IDG Toolkit and other established methods.


Are you a good fit?

We are looking for organizations that are ready for a transformative process. A frontrunner that is curious, courageous, and open-minded. An organization that sees the big picture and understands how it affects its ecosystem. Someone that is ready to invest in their employees' well-being to become a thriving workplace.

  • Medium-sized or Big organization.

  • International or based in Norway.

  • 10 to 50 participants.

  • Frontrunners.

  • Curious, courageous, and open-minded.

  • Ready to invest in wellbeing.

IDG Oslo Awake hub

Awake is one of 550 HUBs across the world promoting the Inner Development Goals, and we were the first HUB launched in Norway. As a HUB we serve as a central connecting point for the Inner Development movement. Our mission is to bring people together, spread the word, guide and teach the tools to create a dynamic and thriving community. We’re dedicated to maximizing our impact and we encourage you to join the movement. 


Our HUB meetings 

As a HUB we arrange open meetings, free of charge. Anyone that is interested in learning more about the IDGs is more than welcome to join. Here you will meet a big network of engaged people, get to experience how you can practice the framework, and how to implement it into your business. 


IDG Oslo Awake hub
- topic "Community"

Date: 26th of June, 2024

Time: 17:30-20:30

Place: Frognerparken, Kirkeveien, 0268 Oslo, Norway

Come join us for an outdoor hub gathering centered around the theme of 'Community'. We'll introduce you to Inner Development Goals and guide you through relevant exercises and group activities.

Secure your spot here:


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