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We help our clients to integrate inner sustainability, anchor their sustainability strategy, and communicate their initiatives. With our proven method, we ensure a profitable, safe, and engaging process to reach your goals. Our clients either work with sustainability as their core business, have sustainable initiatives they want to grow, or they want to start a strategy process together with us.

Inner sustainability

Integrating inner sustainability

Companies that do the inner work will increase their consciousness, create a thriving workforce, and be a greater resource for our society and planet.


In a world where workplace burnout is at its peak and the UN Sustainable Development Goals seem nearly unattainable by 2030, a global movement has emerged and it is gaining momentum. Inner sustainability is about managing our human resources and increasing awareness of our impact on the ecosystem we are a part of. In 2022, the official inner sustainability goals were launched; The Inner Development Goals (IDG). These goals are a research-based initiative that has gained political, academic, and commercial support globally. In addition, the IDG is recognized by the European Parliament as a crucial framework for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Creating meaningful change and addressing global challenges starts from within. Without a strong foundation and an engaged team, it will be difficult to reach the highest potential. Finding that connection and purpose in your sustainability work is essential for making that long-lasting change.

Awake provides workshops, courses, and an inner program to integrate inner sustainability and the Inner Development Goals in your business. Learn and practice inner sustainability in a fun and interactive way. Leaving you with transformative tools and skills you can use in your everyday work-life and towards clients. Get more energy to take care of the people around you and the world we live in.


A program developed to implement, practice, and activate the Inner Development Goals within your organization. The program is structured in three levels that span approximately 9 months, and can accommodate up to 50 participants. 

Level 1. – Introduction & Learning
Level 2. – Practice & Implementation

Level 3. – Deep Dive

Awaken Your Business

Inner Program to integrate the Inner Development Goals in organizations.


Course in Inner Sustainability and the Inner Development Goals

A 5 session course to learn about inner sustainability and practice the 5 dimensions of the Inner Development Goals. Each session lasts 1.5 hours and can be conducted either digitally or in person. 


Workshop in Inner Sustainability and the Inner Development Goals

In this 3-hour workshop, we will teach you what inner sustainability is, and guide you through the 5 dimensions of the Inner Development Goals in a fun and interactive way. Leaving you with transformative tools and skills to use in your everyday work-life and towards clients.

Inner program
Ideas and innovation

Communicating sustainability

Clear communication can unify and activate your team to engage on a larger scale. 

Many clients find it challenging to communicate their sustainability work in a safe and engaging way. The fear of saying the wrong things, or providing too little or too much information often stops the communication process. Recent studies indicate that sustainability strategies are either nonexistent or not understood by employees. Even the direction and impact of the strategy are difficult for many to grasp. Additionally, Sustainability Managers often feel constrained because they lack the mandate to follow through with initiatives aimed at achieving their goals.

Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of potential pitfalls and understand how to unlock your full potential. Awake helps companies anchor their sustainability strategies and communicate sustainability in a way that creates an impactful ripple effect. We help you discover your 'why,' unite your team, gain a clear overview, create new ideas and solutions, and engage the market you aim for. 

We offer a process tool for sustainability, courses, talks, and workshops. We can also be booked in as consultants to provide advice, ideas and sustainability knowledge in collaborative projects.   

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Process Tool for sustainability

A strategic communication process developed to anchor your sustainability strategy, and prioritize and communicate your efforts in a safe and engaging way. The process is proven to be an effective tool that helps clients reach their sustainability goals faster.

The process is a 4-step journey where we:
1. Pack the backpack to get an overview of your sustainability work. 

2. Walk up the mountain to prioritize the sustainability work in unity.

3. Put on a safe parachute to land safely.

4. Uniquely express your story and take a leap into the market.


Course – Anchor and communicate your sustainability work

A four-hour course where we provide you with the latest information about today's sustainability market and teach you how to anchor and communicate your sustainability efforts. The course can be conducted either digitally or in person.

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Workshop – How to anchor and communicate sustainability?

In this three-hour workshop, we will guide you in anchoring and effectively communicating your sustainability initiatives. Through engaging exercises, you'll discover your 'why,' reflect on challenges, and align your team's perspectives.

Strategy and advisory
Communication tool
Heart with straw illustration by Camilla Elise Berg.

Testimonials that fuel our hearts


"Awake went above and beyond our expectations. They quickly grasped our company's essence and strategy and took our sustainability communication to new heights. They worked structured and organized in the process, and the quality of the work delivered was exceptional. As a client, we are very pleased with their performance.”


– Harald Bjugstad-Holm,
Director of Sustainability,
Nordic Choice Hotels.


"Awake facilitated a very good and structured workshop for us at our global commercial management meeting. We wanted to raise awareness regarding an ongoing project, and both the exercises and the summary afterward gave us useful input for further work. The workshop boosted our meeting with good energy!"


– Kari Strand Moldestad,
Vice President Commercial Development, Flokk.

WS kopi.jpg

"Are you curious about how you can optimise your team or do you have any specific challenges at work you need to solve? Then I would recommend an inner sustainability workshop with Awake. It provided me with new knowledge and solutions, as well as it started an optimistic thought process. Camilla and Marte communicate in a clear way and create a safe space for the participants. Don't hesitate, just book them - you won't regret it!”


– Cathrine Louise Finstad, Heiaklubben


"Awake has helped us develop Across Nature as a product and to communicate our initiatives. We have had a good collaboration and their expertise has been very valuable for the development of our brand. We appreciate their focus on detail and creative approach to how we can communicate our work. "

– Øyvind Berg,


Across Nature


"We were impressed with both the creativity and energy in a talk Awake held at an energy seminar. After the talk, Awake initiated a workshop with us. In the workshop, we uncovered several interesting areas to work on. It was really good to get their help with innovation and design to communicate our values. We are happy to have Awake on our green team! ”


– Bjørn Arctander,


Agva Kraft 

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