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We communicate our client's sustainable development process. With our methods, we dive deep into the subject and create magic. Our clients either work with sustainability as their core business, have sustainable initiatives they want to talk about, or they want to start their sustainability process together with us.

Big wave. Image by Matt Paul Catalano
Communication tool for sustainability by Awake.
Heart with a straw illutration by Camilla Elise Berg.
Woman with her bike, relaxing on the ground. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.
Awake giving a talk in front of an audience in Trondheim.

Strategy and advisory

We are always curious to get to know our clients and to dig deep to figure out their core essence, needs, and possibilities in the market.


Every client has a different story and uniqueness to their approach to sustainable development work. Sustainability is a complex topic that requires a strategic and emotional approach. The research and insight phase is essential to create valuable and innovative concepts for our clients. 


We love to solve complex challenges and find the right way for your company. Whether it is a small or large project, we always start with an enthusiastic and curious mindset. 

Landscape. Mountains and sea.
Communication tool for sustainability by Awake.

Communication tool for sustainability

We have developed a method that makes it easy for companies to communicate their sustainable development work. Because we have seen that many clients find it hard to talk about sustainability. The fear of saying the wrong things, saying too little or too much often stops the communication process. 


To create positive change and inspire others, you have to talk openly about your process and initiatives. By using this communication tool, we will help you get an overview and show you how to express your sustainable initiatives with pride.


Our tool makes a complex topic more understandable and helps you unify your energy towards becoming more sustainable.

​We have created the process as a journey. We pack our bag, walk up the mountain, look at the view and take a leap into the market with the safety of our parachute. 


Backpack icon

1. Backpack
We start the process by collecting all the information, insight and data and 'put it in the backpack'. This step lets us get an overview of the company's sustainability profile. 

Mountain icon.

2. Mountain
This step is all about prioritizing the communication. Here we define the sustainability topic closest to heart and look at core areas that can supplement it. 

Eye icon

3. View
It's time to get creative! In the third step, we will use the insight from the previous steps to create a sustainability concept that will touch people's hearts. Our focus is to tell your unique story to make people engage in your work. 

Parachute icon

4. Landing
The last step is to make sure you land safely in the market with the communication. Here we will look at challenges, greenwashing, and consequences. 

Big wave
Strategy and advisory
Communication tool
Ideas and innovation
Heart with straw illustration by Camilla Elise Berg.

Ideas and innovation

Our passion is to create solutions that inspire, help and engage people. And our main goal is to drive positive change and make a difference. With our bold and fearless attitude, we search for new ways for our clients to shine and thrive. We are not afraid to use humor and playfulness in our work, and that is one of the main reasons we love our job. 

We work with our own innovation projects and want to invest in more leading-edge ideas in the future.


We are convinced that if we want to make a compelling future, we first have to envision it. 


Inner sustainability
Woman with bike, relaxing.

Inner sustainability

We believe that companies that do the inner work will be a greater resource for society and the planet.


Finding a connection and purpose in your sustainable development work is essential for making a lasting change. With inner sustainability work, you will get a better understanding of why you should care, increase your consciousness, and you will see that animals, plants, and people are dependent on- and connected to each other. The inner work ensures a more balanced work-life and lets you see the world from a holistic point of view.


With inner sustainability work you will bring out the full potential of your company, and keep your team motivated, reflected, energized, and happy. You get more energy to take care of the people around you and the world we live in.

Awake inner sustainability talk. Marte Alstad Hansen and Camilla Elise Berg.

Inner sustainability talk

In our talk, we will give you the keys to how to work with inner sustainability. With this knowledge, you can drive positive change for you, your company, and on a much larger scale. It is all about elevating your energy and becoming a better resource for our planet. Our method will give you valuable insight and let you connect with your inner power and nature.

Fits a big audience

Awake inner sustainability workshop.  Marte Alstad Hansen and Camilla Elise Berg.

Inner sustainability workshop

In our workshop, we go through different exercises to reach a higher vibe and consciousness for you and your company. Here you can work on your team's culture, goals and challenges and get a new understanding of how your inner world affects others. Our ambition is to inspire, elevate and transform your blockages for further growth. 

Fits a company or a team

Talks and workshops
Awake giving a talk infront of an audience in Trondheim.


Get inspired and learn about our methods in our talk "How to communicate sustainability?"

We take you through a step-by-step process in the world of sustainable marketing. What is the new thing? How can you talk about your challenges? And how can we build a compelling future together? You get answers to all of this and much more in our one-hour talk.

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Awake workshop in Trysil


We take you through a creative workshop that will elevate your sustainable development work.

Do you need ideas to find new sustainable initiatives? Or do you need to find an engaging way of communicating your sustainable development process? In the workshop, we will help your company drive positive change in a smarter and more genuine way. 


"Awake facilitated a very good and structured workshop for us at our global commercial management meeting. We wanted to raise awareness regarding an ongoing project, and both the exercises and the summary afterward gave us useful input for further work. The workshop boosted our meeting with good energy!"


– Kari Strand Moldestad, Vice President Commercial Development

Agva Kraft logo

"We were impressed with both the creativity and energy in a talk Awake held at an energy seminar. After the talk, Awake initiated a workshop with us. In the workshop, we uncovered several interesting areas to work on. It was really good to get their help with innovation and design to communicate our values. We are happy to have Awake on our green team! ”


– Bjørn Arctander, CEO Agva Kraft 

Across Nature logo

"Awake has helped us develop Across Nature as a product and to communicate our initiatives. We have had a good collaboration and their expertise has been very valuable for the development of our brand. We appreciate their focus on detail and creative approach to how we can communicate our work. "

– Øyvind Berg, CEO Across Nature

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