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New sustainability story for a big hotel chain

Nordic Choice Hotels has used their time well in 2022 to create a solid 10-year sustainability strategy. The hotel chain has for a long period proven to be a frontrunner, rebellious and innovative when it comes to sustainability, and now they are aiming even higher.

Awake was given the task of developing a sustainability story with a concept that could describe the new strategy. The story will be presented internally in the company and to external partners, at an international level.

"It is very rewarding to work with a client with so much power and guts. We're deeply impressed by Nordic Choice Hotels' level of ambition and engagement. They are both brave and responsible when it comes to sustainability.” says Creative Director Marte Alstad Hansen in Awake.

People in the picture: Immy Rempis - Sustainability Specialist at Nordic Choice Hotels, Camilla Elise Berg - CEO at Awake, Harald Bjugstad-Holm - Director of Sustainability at Nordic Choice Hotels and Marte Alstad Hansen - Creative Director at Awake.

For the next 10 years, the hotel chain will have two main focuses - people and the planet. The company will continue to put people first, both guests and employees. And the culture will be built even stronger with an emphasis on diversity and personal development as the most important building blocks.

Nordic Choice Hotels is making significant strides towards addressing climate change by focusing on two key areas closely tied to their core business, construction and food & beverages. The hotel chain is taking ambitious steps to implement multiple initiatives in these areas, with the goal of considerably reducing their environmental footprint.

"It was important for us to identify their emotional connection to sustainability and understand why it matters to them. Further, we focused on maintaining their strong DNA and communicating specific initiatives, goals and challenges." says Alstad Hansen.

Our concept for the sustainability story is, 'Anything is possible. Except us giving up,' it reflects the hotel chain's next decade-long journey, showcasing their resilience and the innovative spirit of their employees. Transparency around sustainability challenges is a key component of the narrative, enabling engagement with a broader network to collaboratively find solutions."

"Awake went above and beyond our expectations. They quickly grasped our company's essence and strategy and took our sustainability communication to new heights. They worked structured and organized in the process, and the quality of the work delivered was exceptional. As a client we are very pleased with their performance.” says Harald Bjugstad-Holm, Director of Sustainability at Nordic Choice Hotels.

Awake is excited to see how quickly Nordic Choice Hotels will realize their ambitious 10-year strategy. With their strong belief that anything is possible and their persistent determination to never give up, they're an unstoppable force.

Nordic Choice Hotels is not just a hotel chain, they are a chain of impact, driving positive change in the industry and beyond.

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