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Tech solution to prevent online hate

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

No hate, tech solution to prevent online hate.

To encourage people to think twice about their wording online, we created a hate filter for the organization No hate. An organization that works with preventing all forms of hate and bullying online.

The filter detects and analyses hateful words in the comment section on different platforms, and gives you a second chance to change your comment. Awake collaborated with the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution and the National Criminal Investigation Service in Norway to ensure the freedom of speech and to help us with a suitable vocabulary in our solution. We also collaborated with Telia on tech.

How it works

The hate filter pops up when someone writes certain words in the comment section that can be perceived as hateful. The filter covers the hole screen and highlights the words detected. It informs the user that their comment contains words that may be perceived as offensive, or even be a violation of Norwegian law. The writer is then encouraged to think twice, either edit your comment or post it as is. The user can also read more about the Norwegian equality anti-discrimination act and why online hate and bullying are threatening our democracy.

Online hate

Research shows that the respect we humans normally have for each other in real-life conversations is not as present when we communicate behind a screen. Not many people are aware of the law and the risks they take when it comes to writing online hate. In Norway, you can get fines, or even imprisonment by sharing hate on the internet.

No hate, tech solution to prevent online hate.

Mentioned by Prime Minister Erna Solberg

The filter was launched at the No hate event "Rusken på nett aksjonen" on the 28th of May at Youngstorget in Oslo. Here, Erna Solberg held an appeal where she mentioned the filter as one of the solutions against cyberhate. The event got a lot of media attention and featured many public speeches from organizations and companies that support action against online hate.

Prime minister of Norway, Erna Solberg signing a real Facebook post with lots of press taking photos.


The hate filter was installed on Norway's biggest blog platforms,, and United Influencers. The two platforms consist of several hundred bloggers that got the opportunity to try the filter in their comment section. After a few months, we got the results; 1 of 3 people decided to edit their post when they were exposed for the pop-up filter. The filter can also be installed by media houses and others who publish online.

We hope our solution can contribute to preventing online hate and give people guidelines for digital conversations.


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