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100% goes to renewable energy

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Agva Kraft, power company, renewable energy. Mountain and ocean. Agva logo.

Agva Kraft is one of the few energy companies in Norway that offers exclusively 100% green electricity to its customers. Every penny Agva Kraft spends on purchasing electricity goes to producers of renewable energy.

By putting sustainability on the agenda, Agva is an ideal client for Awake. We are pleased to use our expertise to enhance their communication, and we look forward to do more projects with Agva in the future.

WWF logo

Collaboration with WWF

"Agva Kraft has a high focus on the environment, it is a topic that is integrated in our entire organisation. In addition to providing 100% renewable energy to our customers, we do everything we can to keep a small footprint and prevent global warming. That is why we also support WWF and their important work to protect our nature."

– Bjørn G. Arctander, CEO Agva Kraft.

Agva Kraft website design

Design of

Together with the web development agency Maksimer, we have redesigned the website. We wanted to create a more personal site that would bring Agva closer to their customers, and at the same time keep Agva's design profile. Maksimer, one of Norway's strongest WordPress environments, has been responsible for the development of the website.

Agva Kraft, couple sitting by fire in the forest.

Going forward

"Agva Kraft will continue to challenge the energy market with our low prices, high environmental impact and good customer service. We look forward to see how Awake can help us to communicate this to our customers."

– Bjørn G. Arctander, CEO Agva Kraft.

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