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How to communicate sustainable development for a destination?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Kids skiing in Trysil

Destination Trysil was the first client to go through our communication tool for sustainability. A method that helps clients gather focus internally, tell their unique story and gain full speed ahead in the sustainability work. The tool is a 4-step process that takes clients through a journey, from packing their bag to jumping into the market.

"Sustainability is a complex topic that is challenging for many companies to get into. Most companies do their best and take action, but find it demanding to communicate the initiatives in an engaging way. The fear of saying something wrong, saying too little or too much, stops the whole communication process. That's why we've created a communication tool that helps companies get an overview of their sustainability work, prioritize areas, conceptualize their message and communicate sustainability with pride." says Creative Director in Awake, Marte Alstad Hansen.

CEO Gudrun Sanaker Lohne and PR and marketing manager Gro Kveldro Bruksås.

Destination Trysil: CEO Gudrun Sanaker Lohne and PR and marketing manager Gro Kveldro Bruksås.

Destination Trysil

Trysil is a bold and forward thinking destination that has been a first mover in Norway since 2009 when it comes to sustainable development. As early as 2013, they received the certification for Sustainable Destination as one of the first in Europe, a certification developed by Innovation Norway.

«Trysil is built on sustainable values. This has been in our core since we started our tourism development and it has intensified the last 10 years. We have wanted to communicate all our sustainable initiatives, but we have not quite known how. Destination Trysil work closely with destinations in both Sweden and Norway. In the regional project SITE, we collaborate with Sälen, Idre and Engerdal, also when it comes to sustainability. The plan is that these destinations will also be able to go through Awake's communication tool. " says CEO of Destinasjon Trysil, Gudrun Sanaker Lohne.

Norways biggest ski destination, Trysil.

Process before perfectionism

We cant emphasize enough how important it is for companies to be transparent and open about both challenges and achievements when it comes to sustainability. We all have a footprint, no one is 100% sustainable. So it is essential to be honest about where you are in the development process.

"It has been incredibly exciting to take Trysil through our tool. They are a brave client that dare to be a first mover. As Norway's largest ski and trail bike destination, it is important for Trysil to communicate their sustainability initiatives. This can inspire other destinations to do the same and create a positive ripple effect for the future." says general manager of Awake, Camilla Elise Berg.

Launch this autumn

«Awake has run a thorough process with several businesses in Trysil. It was both useful and necessary for us to go through all of the stages of their tool. We finally have enough in the "backpack" to go out and tell everybody about our work on sustainability under one umbrella. We look forward to the launch the concept that has emerged from this process this autumn. " says PR and marketing manager at Destinasjon Trysil, Gro Kveldro Bruksås.


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