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A brand new conference

We are proud to say that we have developed a profile and communication for the brand new sustainability conference Green Camp.

“We wanted to create a colorful profile that oozes positivity and unity. It was important for us to create something that felt inviting so people wanted to join in, like the atmosphere you get at a festival,” says Creative Director Marte Alstad Hansen.

Green Camp

Green Camp was initiated by Tanja Schøien, CEO of Nr.17. The theme for the conference is marketing and communication of sustainability and the event takes place in Klingenberg cinema in Oslo on the 28 of April. Nr. 17 wanted to create an arena where clients and agencies come together to discuss and share knowledge and insights.

"With Green Camp, we wanted to focus on how communication can play a vital role in driving positive change, both internally and externally in a company," says Tanja Schøien.

“We have put together a great program, with Jenny Skavlan as the host, 17 speakers, and 2 workshops. All in parallel sessions on 3 different stages at Klingenberg! The tickets have flown away and there are only days left until the conference kicks off, so we are really looking forward to it.” Says a proud Tanja Schøien.

Unite for sustainability

It takes a diversity of people to accelerate sustainable development. Many different talents to create momentum going forward. When we created the logo we were inspired by that aspect because it too consists of many different pieces. Pieces that is also used as a pattern in the profile. The logo is a bit like a sorting toy for children, where every piece has its own place.

The animation is made by Saurus. The idea behind it was to show different compositions of the pieces with different colors, sizes, and ways to move and communicate together.

“It has been incredibly fun to build a new conference from scratch with the team. Nr.17 has encouraged us all the way, so it was easy to be both bold and playful in the process, concludes Marte Alstad Hansen.


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