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High impact carbon credits provided by our greatest resource of clean air

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Across Nature, treplanting project in Nicaragua with climate credit.

We at Awake have been fortunate to work with Across Nature making their communication strategy, design profile and websites.

Across Nature is a Norwegian-owned company that offers carbon credits from a tree-planting project in Nicaragua, called Nicaforest. The founder; Øyvind Berg, started the Nicaforest project in 2010. Since then, they have planted teak on degraded land together with local landowners in the Chontales region.

Across Nature's mission is to build and operate a sustainable forest industry in Nicaragua that will have a positive impact on climate, environment and the local community. To date, 360,000 teak trees have been planted in four plantations, this binds up CO2 in the atmosphere equivalent to an emission of 78,000 tonnes.

The carbon credits that Across Nature offers are Gold Standard certified. This certification goes to projects that reduce carbon emissions featuring the highest levels of environmental integrity, and in addition to that; contributes to sustainable development.

The carbon credit market has given local landowners in Nicaragua the opportunity to become more competitive. And it has provided the finance to set up more forest projects in the future, which increases the value of the land and improves the economy.

Read more about the Gold Standard carbon credits:

Across Nature website design

Our work with Across Nature started with a workshop that gave us good insight and knowledge to bring into the communication strategy. After the strategy was set, we began building the identity and website.

Visual identity

Our goal was to create a profile that visualized how meaningful the project Nicaforest is. And to show the people behind it, who have worked so hard to make the forest flourish. In addition to that, we wanted to give a good description of how to buy carbon credits and why. This project was all about finding the perfect balance between business and emotional aspects.

Across Nature, Nicaforest. Sustainable tree-plantation.

Across Nature design posters

Across Nature design colors

Across Nature design font. Social responsibility and sustainable tree-planting.

"Awake has assisted us in the work of developing Across Nature. During this period our partnership with Awake has grown strong, and their expertise has been very valuable for the further development of our project. We appreciate their analytic and creative approach to how we communicate our brand."

– Øyvind Berg, CEO of Across Nature

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