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Agva fundraising for WWF

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The fundraising campaign "The power of giving" for Agva exceeded all expectations during the National TV campaign in Norway 2020. By doubling the contributions up to 100,000, Agva collected a total of 261,975 kroner together with its customers, for WWF's work to reduce plastic in the sea.

– We got second place in Viken as far as I can tell! With our customer's contribution, we will stop 93.600 tons of plastic to pollute the ocean, says Agva's CEO, Bjørn Arctander.

Agva Kraft, fundraising for TV-aksjonen WWF. A turtle under water

Plastic in the ocean

Awake came up with the idea and concept for the campaign, which was published on Spleis, social media and in Agva’s customer newsletter.

- It is fun when sustainability communication works properly and contributes to such an important cause, says Marte Alstad Hansen, Creative Director in Awake.

The funds from this year's TV campaign will go to:

  • Establish and improve waste systems

  • Collect and recycle waste

  • Educate students and teachers about the consequences of plastic on health and the environment

  • Cut the use of unnecessary plastic

  • Make companies responsible for littering

Why is Agva getting involved in the sea?

Agva is committed to doing what they can to take care of the world's oceans, now and in the future. For several years, they have supported the work of the WWF to slow down climate change and stop the loss of nature. Now they are putting in an extra boost to be able to contribute to a cleaner sea. Together we can make a difference.

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