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A natural client

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Amon Pure Grow, help with hair loss and brings out more of your natural hair.

Pure Grow is a Norwegian-owned company that has developed a series of unique products that will help with hair loss. The people behind Amon Pure Grow have over ten years of experience in the treatment of hair loss, and can proudly say that they know natural hair. Their products are made from natural active ingredients and without side effects.

Our hair is often linked to our identity, and it can be difficult to lose when you don't choose it yourself. Instead of hiding and covering up your hair loss, Pure Grow will bring out more of the essence – more of your natural hair.

Amon Pure Grow hair serum, natural product.

“Awake has helped us clarify our communication to better reach our target groups. It is exciting to work with a creative agency that has sustainability and positive change as its main focus. We are looking forward to the collaboration."
– Christoffer Bjerke, CEO of Pure Grow.

Amon Pure Grow, woman with big hair.

Pure Grow is a natural customer for Awake because they challenge the hair growth industry with their pure products.


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