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Sustainability is all about collaboration. Whether you are a client, a partner agency, a future coworker, or someone who is just interested in Awake, don't hesitate to contact us! We are curious about who you are and what we can do for you. Let's get to know each other and create a compelling future together. 

In our team, we are two female founders whom both have worked for over 10 years in communication, sales, and strategy. Camilla has also a background in coaching and has held courses in inner work. 

Meet our team

Camilla Elise Berg, CEO, Awake.

Camilla Elise Berg

CEO, Founder & Partner

Starting Awake has really opened my eyes to what a company can be in our modern world. To lead an agency that is constantly driving positive change and always looking for new ways to improve is so inspiring to me.


My passion for sustainability, and especially inner sustainability, has always been present in my life. I thrive on helping people find purpose and meaning in life, and I believe that purpose-driven people are better resources for our planet.


Communication is key if we are serious about making a change. This is why I love making good strategies for our clients. Lifting up companies and projects that want to make the world a little bit better, makes this a dream job.


I also have a musical background and an interest in studying plants and their healing ability. I recently got to combine my two interests, when I purchased a device that converts the electrical conductivity of houseplants into audio.

Marte Alstad Hansen, Creative Director, Awake.

Marte Alstad Hansen

Creative Director, Founder & Partner

+47 94818161

There was no doubt in my heart when we started up Awake in January 2019. I have always been extra excited with projects when they involve sustainability. Getting to work with meaningful projects every day is so fulfilling. My passion lies in a combination of sustainability, creativity and technology. I thrive to find solutions that push the limits for what is possible.

I love meeting new clients and to hear their unique stories. Sharing knowledge between industries is so inspiring! My curiosity and the ability to bring out emotions in people are my strongest superpowers. I believe that emotional connection is essential when creating brilliant ideas for the future. Everyone can become more sustainable, but not everyone can do it in an innovative and genuine way.


I also do public speeches and stand-up comedy in my spare time. The connection I get with the audience is magic to me.

Our office

Awake is a part of a coworking space called Epicenter Oslo. A meeting arena with over 70 companies in Oslo, that collaborate, grow and build new solutions – together. Epicenter is located at Edvard Storms gate 2 and is the place to be for forward-thinking companies that want to drive positive change. 

You are more than welcome to stop by, have a delicious coffee and chat with us!

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